Our top 5 Bodbox's of 2018

Our top 5 Bodbox's of 2018

2018 has been another amazing year for Bodbox, we have shipped thousands of boxes to thousands of extremely happy customers, so with the year coming to an end we are taking a look back at what we feel are our top five boxes of 2018!

5: February's Bodbox

February's Bodbox

First on our list, coming in at number 5 is February's Bodbox. 10 great products with the Mars xtra chocolate protein and the Grenade peanut nutter protein shake as the two standout products.

4: September's Bodbox

September's Bodbox

Coming in at number 4 is September's Bodbox. A very strong box with some of the best prodoct releases we've seen in 2019. The Rocky Road protein bar and the Phd Nutrititon strawberry cheesecake smart shake highlight two amazing products in the great protein snack box.

3: January's Bodbox

January's Bodbox

We kicked 2018 off strong with our number 3 nomination, January's Bodbox. A very protein snack heavy box that included some seriously tasty bars, such as the Fulfil lemon zinger vitamin & protein bar and the Barebells salty peanut protein bar.

2: October's Bodbox

October's Bodbox

A close second is an absolutely outstanding box that we put together for October. This box is stacked with the tastiest protein snacks out there, including the Jim Buddies protein donut, Nutry Nuts peanut butter cupcake and Battle Bites red velvet protein bar.

1: November's Bodbox

November's Bodbox

November's Bodbox comes in at the top of our list and rightly so, this box is stacked with amazing products, including a full tub of Grenade jaffa quake protein spread, Barebells protein pudding and plenty more!

In 2019, we plan on bringing more amazing value protein snack boxes, click here to subscribe now.