Our top 15 high protein snacks that won't break the bank

Our top 15 high protein snacks that won't break the bank

Protein snacks don't have to be expensive! We've built this list together to help you find cheaper protein snacks that won't break the bank, without having to sacrafice taste or quality! We consider ourselves protein snack connoisseurs here at Bodbox, having had tried thousands of snacks since launching our protein snack subscription service, and unfortunately a lot of snacks in the high protein market are either super expensive or low quality and lack the great macros that you are looking for in protein snacks - so we are helping you bypass the bad and go straight to the good without breaking your bank in the process.

Whether your looking for a quick pre-workout snack or a super tasty, guilt-free treat then our macro-friendly high protein snacks are perfect for you, making your dieting goals that little bit easier. However if your not worried about busting the bank and your just want some amazing tasting high protein snacks, then why not checkout our list of top 10 tastiest high protein snacks.

15: Grenade Carb Killa Brownie

Grenade Carb Killa Brownie

Number 15 on our list is one of the higher priced products, the Grenade Carb Killa Brownie. This little tasty delight is packed with 15g of protein and contains less than 2g of sugar, without the flavour being affected. It's a tasty tripled layer brownie that really fills a spot and keep away those devlish temptations, and only contains 220 calories.

Cost: £2.49 per bar

14: PHD Smart protein bar 

PHD Smart Bar

The PHD Nutrition smart bar is one of our favourite bars on the list based on pure taste, and it really packs a punch with it's excellent macros - containing 20g of protein, less than 2g of sugar and only 238 calories. It would be higher on our list if it wasn't for it being one of the higher priced protein snacks.

Cost: £2.49 per bar

13: Grenade Carb Killa protein bar

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar

The last on our list of the more expensive snacks and the second snack from the industry-leading Grenade. The Grenade Carb Killa protein bar has long established itself as the most popular protein bar in the world, not only because of it's brilliant macros but it's amazing flavour too. It contains only 217 calories, 2g of sugar and a wopping 22g of protein.

Cost: £2.49 per bar

12: Spartan Protein protein flapjack

Spartan Protein protein flapjack

Coming in at number 12 on our list of high protein snacks is the Spartan Protein protein flapjack. Spartan Protein is one of the lesser known brands in the industry but they smashed these flapjacks. They may be small but they don't lack in flavour. As they are a flapjack they do count a little high in the calorie category with 293 calories, but they will save you some pennies at just £1.85 per flapjack - and they're packed with over 20g of protein!

Cost: £1.85 per bar

11. Grenade Reload Flapjack

Grenade reload protein flapjack

Just outside of the top 10 on our list is the Grenade Reload flapjack, the third and final Grenade product on our list. The high protein reload flapjack tastes brilliant and comes in at a great price for a protein packed flapjack. It doesn't crack our top 10 due to the high calorie count of 323 calories.

Cost: £1.69 per bar

10. PHD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar

PHD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar

The first high protein snack breaking into our top 10 is the PHD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar. A delicious bar that comes in at a low-calorie count of just 199 calories with less than 2g of sugar and 20g of protein! This bar is one of our customer favourites for taste through our protein snack subscription service.

Cost: £2.00 per bar

9. Nano A Protein Pancake

Nano A Protein Pancake

A protein pancake? That's correct! A delicious protein pancake that doesn't break the bank nor your diet! I mean can it get any better. These protein pancakes are delcious and only contain 136 calories per pancake, but are packed with 16g of that all important protein.

Cost: £2.20 per pancake

8: Dr Zaks High Protein Clusters

Dr Zaks Protein Clusters

Number 9 in our list see's the Dr Zaks high protein clusters, high protein tiny little clusters packed with flavour and only 134 calories. Two of the threre flavours are also suitable for vegans!

Cost: £1.65 per packet

7: Fit Food protein square

A delicious protein packed square perfect for filling those mid-day sweet tooth cravings with only 160 calories per square. It is one of the more expensive on the list but it tastes amazing, is extremely filling and is packed with 15g of protein.

Cost: £2.00 per square


6:  Nutramino Nutra-Go Protein wafer

The Nutramino Nutra-Go Protein Wafer is a tasty, lightweight snack that's great to provide that little pre-workout boost without you feeling bloated before you head into your workout. It's an extremely good price for it's taste and only contains 189 calories whilst being packed with 20g of protein.

Cost: £1.81

5: Barebells Protein Pudding

Protein pudding?! Your damn right! The guys over at Barebells have brought a delicious, protein packed, low-calorie pudding that you can enjoy at all times during the day - whether your looking for a quick high protein breakfast or a delicious healthy treat at night. The protein pudding contains only 143 calories and is packed with 20g of protein.

Cost: £2.25

4: UFIT Protein Crunchers

The UFIT protein crunchers are an amazing high protein crisp packed with flavour and an extremely low 107 calories per packet!

Cost: £1.49 per packet

3: Lenny & Larrys Complete Cookie

Breaking into the top 3 is one of the top-selling protein snacks of recent years. The Lenny & Larry's complete cookie. It's no suprise that this cookie has sold so well... it tastes amazing, is extremely filling, is packed with protein and is even vegan! 

Cost: £2.15 per cookie


2: YUMM Protein Crunchers

Just missing out on our number 1 stop is the Yumm protein crunchers, with only 97 calories per packed and an extremely low cost of just £1.49, these tasty little high protein treats are a great way to save the pennies whilst still being able to enjoy tasty snacks that can keep you topped up on that all important protein.

Cost: £1.49 per packet


1: The Power of Me protein bar

Coming in at number 1 with a marginal lead is The Power of Me protein bar! The guys over at TPOM have really brought something special to the protein bar market. A bar that competes on taste with the rest, isn't bloating or sickly, contains just 150 calories whilst mainting a whopping 22g of protein!

Cost: £1.75 per bar


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