October's Bodbox

October's Bodbox

October's Bodbox brings plenty of colour and even more delicious snacks, including the new PhD Nutrtion salted caramel diet whey bar and 10 other amazing treats.

We also featured the Cookie Madness birthday cake protein cookie in October's box, a snack that has had the fitness scene talking and rightly so, with it's delicious taste, amazing texture and two cookies in the packet!

The full list of products from October's Bodbox is:

  • Grande Banana Armour Carb Killa Protein Shake
  • The Power Of Me Chocolate Protein Sachet
  • The Power Of Me Dark Chocolate Mint Protein Bar
  • Protein Dynamix Banana Smoothie Protein Sachet
  • TNT Supplements Light The Fuse Pre-workout
  • Cookie Madness Birthday Cake Protein Cookie
  • Muscle Nuts Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • PhD Nutrition Salted Caramel Diet Whey Protein Bar
  • PhD Nutrition Cokies & Cream Smart Bar
  • Protein by Mars Milky Way Protein Bar
  • CNP Lemon Meringue Protein Flapjack

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