Protein snack subscription box

Bodbox Protein Snack Subscription Box

-High protein snacks shipped to you every month-

We supply Monthly Boxes that include protein snacks, supplements & drinks.

Orders for October's box are now open




Place your order for October's box by 26th October, don't leave it too late!

What's in our boxes?

Industry leading brands and products


Try the latest supplements and find out what supplements you love and work great for you.

Healthy snacks

Love healthy snacks? So do we! That's why we stack our boxes with delicious, health snacks!


Try the latest healthy BCAA and energy drinks from the worlds leading brands

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Our top 15 high protein snacks that won't break the bank

Our top 15 high protein snacks that won't break the bank

Protein snacks don't have to be expensive! We've built this list together to help you find cheaper protein snacks that won't break the bank, without having to sacrafice taste or quality! We consider ourselves protein snack connoisseurs here at Bodbox, having had tried thousands of snacks since launching our protein snack subscription service, and unfortunately a lot of snacks in the high protein market are either super expensive or low quality and lack the great macros that you are looking for in protein snacks - so we are helping you bypass the bad and go straight to the good without breaking your bank in the process.

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Why do our customers love Bodbox?

Why do our customers love Bodbox?

We've shipped thousands of Bodbox's all over the UK and never have a customer complain about the quality of the products in our box, this is simply due to the fact that we work our hardest to bring you the best quality protein snack subscription boxes available to you, always including the best healthy snacks from some of the industries leading brands.

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October's Bodbox

October's Bodbox

October's Bodbox brings plenty of colour and even more delicious snacks, including the new PhD Nutrtion salted caramel diet whey bar and 10 other amazing treats.

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